Road to Richmond – Protect “It”

Training for a marathon in the heat of the summer requires strategy. Sometimes you have to run late and invest in good reflective clothing and accessories. Sometimes you find yourself on the treadmill more than you prefer. Sometimes you have to employ creative routes with convenience stores at certain miles to get a good water break. For me…? My days, nights, and weekends are so full in the summer I must get out early or may not get out at all.

There is such beauty and tranquility when running in the early morning. Your senses are heightened and the clutter of the day doesn’t yet exist to smother your thoughts while in their purest form. You remember dreams. The creativity locked up by rituals and daily routines is finally able to stretch its wings and breathe. Wow, the ideas that come from the peace to just think will amaze you.

On a recent trail run, I noticed off to the side, nestled in an opening between some trees, there were several treelings propped up by wooden sticks and encircled by metal fencing. For a moment I thought it was odd. I know this trail. I have run it before. Yet in the middle of all these trees, rocks, and leaves there is this random opening with some trees growing. Then I realized…there are some trees growing.

In the midst of the expected and anticipated, space was made for something new. Not only was space made and the future planted, but the time was taken to support it and protect it so it could grow and succeed. All of a sudden, those little trees represented all the ideas, businesses, and relationships that I was venturing into in my professional and personal life. So much newness is going on. Space has been made for a new city, new friends, new opportunities, new platforms; everything is just new. Even the familiar is being seen through different lens making it all new too.

We have these times in our lives of transition, positioning, and building. During these times of growth there are always those predators looking to take or destroy what is trying to grow. They can come in the form of toxic people with negative words, financial challenges, or just our own lack of knowledge and resolve to finish strong. It is important to find those persons designed to support you. It is also important to stay close to wise counsel and to those who will help protect your heart and your vision. Give yourself and your dream a chance to grow.  Protect it. I celebrate your success.

*Week Two: Run 3-4 miles 3x this week. Use another day to cross train and increase strength. One day (probably the weekend) go for a long run up to 7 miles. Use 2 days, in between, to rest.

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