Road to Richmond – It’s My Time

After a recent long run, I stood by the side of the road to stretch and cool down. It was at that very awkward and sweaty moment a gentleman chose to ask me for my number. Within the conversation he asked about how I spend my time. Being the over-scheduled, on her constant grind businesswoman and Sexy Mom I am, I expressed that my time is often limited. He replied, “We make time for what we want to.” I thought about his words. He was absolutely right.

As mothers, we are busy with our careers, our organizations, our children’s organizations and activities, their doctor appointments, homework assignments, our projects for work, and on and on and on. We do make time for those things we want to make time to accomplish in our day. It is a day that is usually over-packed, requiring strategic prioritizing and “want to,” more times than not, feels like “need to.” We need to get this project done. We need to pick up the kids from practice. We need to leave work early to make that doctor’s appointment. The sentiment is we NEED to do it and we WANT to get it all done so we make this time for it.

As I increase my running miles each week, it becomes harder and harder to carve 2-3 hours of warming-up, running, cooling down, and stretching into my schedule. I made the commitment and I am dedicated to achieving my goal. If that means I wake 2 hours earlier, I do. If that means I run an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, I do. While my dedication inspires some, it does leave others baffled. They ask, “Why wouldn’t you take the extra time to rest or spend with your daughter, or make extra money?” To that I ask, “What extra time?”

The reality is we are all given the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 52 weeks in a year. We are all allotted the same amount of time. What is a priority for me to accomplish in that day may not hold the same value to someone else; and that’s okay. That is priority to me to accomplish in my given time that day. The key is to not to allow someone else’s priority for their day to devalue your time. In other words, just because it is important to you that I meet with you, does not mean it is as important to me. I am accountable for my 24 hours and I pick and choose, or make time for, what I decide. More times than not, as moms, that choice revolves around our children. I live for my daughter but, as she is getting older, I am learning to find balance and purposefully allot time for myself and my desires.

I encourage you to evaluate how you spend your time, make the necessary adjustments to find balance, and considering the needs of your children, your mind, body, and spirit, and even your finances, make time for what you want to.

*Week Five: Run 5-6 miles 2x this week. In between run 3-4 miles. Use another day to cross train and increase strength and flexibility. One day (probably the weekend) go for a slow long run up to 8-10 miles. Use 2 days, in between, to rest.


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