Nasty Attitudes Can Shorten Your Life

Do you know someone who walks around in a bad mood, or with a nasty attitude all the time?
What many don’t know is that this can actually affect your health negatively, and even shorten the life span.
When the body is under constant stress, it releases Cortisol, which is also called “the stress hormone”. Cortisol is also responsible for stubborn fat around the midsection. This secreted hormone affects the collagen in skin, as well as the smooth muscle fibers in the body. The arteries and the heart are also affected, as they both have smooth muscle fibers.

Prolonged periods of elevated Cortisol can cause adrenal fatigue. This can also lead to patches of hair falling out, imbalanced hormones, excess body hair, and pigmentation loss, or overabundance in pigmentation spots. These are just the symptoms that can be seen.

The organs are affected and damaged internally as well. From the liver to the kidneys, the heart to the intestines, the whole body is affected when it is not balanced. The immune system also becomes compromised due to chronic stress, and constant cortisol production. If you find yourself in a place of chronic stress, it is wise to find a stress reliever for your own health. There are many different ways to relieve stress. Some common stress relievers are exercise, sexual activity, dancing, writing, sports, etc.

Life is worth living, make the best choices you can!

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