Would You Steam Your V?

A new trend that is making headway in this country is vaginal steaming.  While this is not a new practice overall, it is just being noticed in this country by celebrities who are very vocal about the benefits of this practice.  One of those celebrities that is very vocal about vaginal steaming is Gwyneth Paltrow.  She recently had a V steam done at a Hollywood spa.  She reported that the experience was an “energetic release”.  While some doctors are saying this is not a good practice for women, and can even be dangerous, I suggest doing your research and then making the decision to do a vaginal (Yoni) steam or not.

This practice of V steaming goes back to ancient practice in many different cultures. It’s also commonly called Yoni steaming.  If you’re curious about vaginal steaming, this video will explain some of the benefits.

This website will show you even more information for steaming at home.  Remember, safety first! Do this at home at your own risk, you can’t say we told you to do it.  However, let us know how the experience is for you.  We’d love to hear how it helped you!

Photo credit: Victor Engmark / Foter / CC BY-NC

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