What’s in Your Bra?

We have all done it. Maybe we were just running to the store for something quick and did not have pockets and didn’t want to carry a purse. Or perhaps, during the most common time, when going into a club or party and a bag would just get in the way but you need that ID and cell phone. Guys have been known to tuck their ID, money, or wallet into their socks. We ladies? Into the bra they go. Depending on how large the twins are, you can store all kinds of things in there…though I wouldn’t suggest it.

Until I saw the video below, I never thought of the health implications associated with hiding things in our bra. All the sweat and bacteria generated is then passed out to the general public. Sometimes, when I go for runs, I may put an energy gel or my ID in my bra. I found no matter how great the sports bra, I would get little cuts and scrapes where the items were. I didn’t feel them bouncing around in there. I treat them immediately so fortunately, I have never gotten an infection but the potential is there.

I say “I treat them” because even though now I know the risks, I sometimes still find ‘the girls’ a convenient and discreet pocket for some small minor items. I have resorted to placing my ID, credit card and money into a plastic snack bag so as not to affect others, but I must disagree with the video. Boobs can be pockets too. What do you think? If you stow and go, what are some tips you can share on good bra storage? If you don’t, why?

*Caution-explicit language in video*


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