The Lesson in Losing 170 Pounds

I know well the challenges of making your health and fitness journey public. Every picture and post on social media exposes you to the cruel judgement of the world. Your hairs stand at attention with anxiety as every part of your body you are self-conscious about is on display. The amount of vulnerability can be overwhelming. It can also be the most courageous and inspirational moment you may every experience.

No one stands as I did in my article “How I Lost 5 Inches in 30 Days”, baring skin with stretch marks and folds, without the belief and hope that the testimony will encourage and inspire someone to start a journey of their own. But not everyone has that courage or is willing to answer that call. For most, fitness and weight loss is a personal journey where only those closest realize a change; and that is fine. Sometimes, however, we have to acknowledge the bravery and accomplishments of others. Within their journey is valuable life lessons the world can benefit from.

In the below video, a young man faces his insecurity about his excess skin after losing 170 pounds. Excess skin and stretch marks are common with great weight gain then loss. But it was something he pointed out about his skin that was the inspiration to me. He said, “The things you can’t change you have to make peace with.” He was not scheduled for any plastic surgery procedures. He had no intention of gaining the weight back. There was nothing he could do about his excess skin. He had to learn the lesson that some times things are what they are. His physical appearance was just something he would have to accept as part of the journey and his current physical reality.

If we could apply that mindset to every area of our life, we would be a much happier, less stressed society. We hold on to hurt, rejection, and loss that reside in our past. It cannot be changed. None of it can be changed but we give them the power to affect our today. Whether it is your changing body, a failed relationship, or a poor choice that cost you dearly, you cannot go back in time and change it. You can, however, discover the lesson within it, learn from it, and claim your peace.

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