The Health Benefits of Spirulina

The health benefits of Spirulina are so numerous for the body that it should become a staple in everyone’s diet for overall health. In this article I will familiarize you with just some of the benefits of this superfood.

Spirulina is actually a cyanobacteria. Before you get concerned, it’s not one of the bacteria that gets you sick, but it is classified as bacteria because the genetic material is not organized in a membrane-bound nucleus. Unlike other bacteria, they have chlorophyll and use the sun as an energy source, in the way plants and algae do.

Spirulina is one of the most nutritious and concentrated food sources on the planet. On average, meat holds only 27 percent protein, but spirulina is consistently measured at 65 percent protein, at least. This is a great benefit for those who are vegetarian or vegan, and are looking for protein rich foods.

Spirulina is also rich in chlorophyll, which is proven to be another superfood that delivers many health benefits. This food is also a great source of anti-inflammatories, important for anyone with health conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, etc.

It is even being used to control blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as helping to aid in the treatment for HIV-positive patients. While it does not cure HIV, it boosts the immune system, which is a weakness for HIV-positive people.

Many also use spirulina for its fat-burning properties. During workouts, spirulina acts as a fat burner and can aid in weight loss and toning of the body.

For anyone with a compromised immune system, or for that extra boost during cold and flu season, this is definitely needed!

During pregnancy is another time when the immune system drops and spirulina can be extremely beneficial. It is a mineral that’s safe for ingestion during pregnancy, and can actually help the growing baby. It also boosts the iron levels, and does not cause constipation like iron tablets often do.

Menstruating women can also benefit from this iron-rich super food if they struggle with anemia. It is also safe for children, and measures high rates of natural calcium, which is great for children’s growing bodies, as well as adult bodies.

The elderly population finds health benefits from this super food, as well. It helps the bones stay strong and not break or fracture as they reach the common onset age of osteoporosis.

A very important use of spirulina is to eradicate heavy metal toxins from their bodies. Spirulina binds to these heavy metals, and pushes them from the body. This is also very good for cancer patients, or those who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Spirulina can help restore those damaged cells from the treatment.

For the many benefits spirulina is shown to have, it should become part of everyone’s daily regimen. While it may have an unpleasant smell to it, there really is not much of a taste. It blends well with smoothies and can even be sprinkled into food. So pick up some spirulina today and enjoy!

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