Road to Richmond – Setbacks

It seems like I continue to stumble upon these times where my resolve far exceeds my ability. Still I push and push and push and push. There have been times where that extra drive pushed me into great opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But there have also been far too many times where I should have stopped at that third push, assessed the situation, re-evaluated my tactics, and then proceed. Had I taken the time to identify the purpose of the resistance, I could have avoided the setback my zealousness would cause.

I experienced this recently in my training. My knee issues are no secret. Yet I am focused with laser precision on successfully running, completing, and bettering my time at the Richmond Marathon in November. I cannot imagine anything that could keep me from achieving that goal. I just will not allow it so I run, and I lift, and I train, and I train, and I train. Last week, my other knee started feeling a bit tight. I knew if I went through my strength and stretching routine I should be able to loosen it up so I continued to train and train and train but trained a little too far. Now my knee is strained. I could have stopped and rested a couple of days but my resolve to progress exceeded my leg’s ability and resulted in a setback. Now I would be down a week.

It is tough to walk the walk of patience in a society that prides itself on quick fixes, get rich quick schemes, and quick food-like substances. But truly, when it comes to times in life where there are challenges or resistance to our progress, more than any other time that is when we can’t be so focused on the end goal that we do not learn the present lessons, remain vigilant of further obstacles, or even just enjoy the journey. If there is something meant for you in the struggle and you continue to push and pull any way, then you set yourself up for a setback.

Think of stretching a rubber band. There is a point where the latter process of stretching is not as easy and when you first began to pull. That resistance is a warning. Keep pulling and it will pop. Stop at the height of resistance and you can have an intact workable rubber band you may be able to use or at least reassess that you need a larger rubber band then you may continue your task. If it pops…well…it is a setback in time, ability, and resources all of which this Sexy Mom cannot afford to waste.

Relax. Be anxious for nothing. I know you have things you are trying to accomplish but perhaps God is trying to reposition you to not travel that route but another. Perhaps there is a smarter and not harder way you have not considered because you have been so driven to just get it done. Slow down. Don’t be your own obstacle and set yourself up for a setback.

*Week Six (after recovery repeat week 5): Run 5-6 miles 2x this week. In between run 3-4 miles. Use another day to cross train and increase strength and flexibility. One day (probably the weekend) go for a slow long run up to 8-10 miles. Use 2 days, in between, to rest.

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