The Core is the Key

The Sexy Moms Rock family is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals and (re)claim your health. Fitness should be a part of your lifestyle and not just something we do to get in a dress or skinny jeans. So whether you have been exercising for many years or are just getting started, let us start with your core.

A strong core is vital to your general health and wellness. There is not one muscle in your body not connected to or affected by your core. Raise your arm and you engage your core. CoreBodyFrontBackLift your leg to walk up a stair and you engage your core. Stepping fly in your stilettos? You are keeping that midsection tight and that back straight. All of that is your core. Many consider their core to be just their stomach and seek to get that famous six-pack. It is far more than that. It is, in fact, and apron around your entire midsection, from under your breast to the bottom of your pelvis, your sides, your lower back, and even into your butt hips, and thighs. It takes a lot more than some stomach muscles to keep all that diva strolling on those red bottoms and you need to maintain it all through regular fitness.

a2We are going to start our cross training with a basic core challenge. The goal is to do as many circuits as possible as many times a week as possible. If you are a beginner just start with on time through at least three times a week. After a few weeks, increase to two times through, then three. Once you are able to complete three circuits in one day, increase your days per week to four then five. The best time to do this challenge is in the morning before your shower, or at night before you rest. As your core strength increases your body will begin to demand more from you. Don’t push it. Maintain a clean diet and be patient to prevent injury. We will introduce new fitness routines to add to your circuit as we progress together. Happy training.

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