Richmond Marathon Hotels

I hope you have made the decision to set the Richmond Marathon as your 2015 fitness goal. You can run the 8k (almost 5 miles), the half marathon (13.1 miles), or the full marathon (26.2 miles). We will begin group training runs in May throughout the DC metropolitan area and virtually. During the race, Nadine will lead the half marathon group and I will lead the full marathon group. The 8k leader has yet to be determined. Volunteers?

Any and all of these distances you want to attempt are completely doable. Look at what you have accomplished so far in life. And you are a mom; the toughest job in the world. Many have counted you out numerous times yet you remain victorious. This will just be another victory only it comes with a shiny medal and cool blanket.

If you have, at all, considered joining us for the race and our SexyMomsRock! event during race weekend, I suggest you reserve your hotel rooms sooner than later. You can always cancel if needed but cannot reserve a room once the blocks are sold out. Reserve today and take one more step toward committing to achieving your goal.

Richmond Marathon Hotels

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