Product Review: Bondi Band

Whether you are just starting a fitness routine or you are a seasoned athlete, every woman has the same sweaty issues. Our hair gets soaked and flops in our face or sweats pours from our scalp into our eyes and down our back. Scarfs and wraps hold hair in place but are not effective with absorbing sweat. Scarfs can make your head hotter but if you do not wear one then you find yourself constantly adjusting clips and hair ties whose hold sucks with sweat and activity. The frustration is real but I found the solution; The Bondi Band.

I discovered Bondi Bands at a sports expo once I started running marathons. The cute sayings across the band like “Sweat is Liquid Awesome” or “Running is my Therapy” are what first attracted me to the bands. Then there were so many colors and designs to choose from. I loved the idea of a fashionable statement accessory to incorporate into my running attire. Then I actually wore one during a marathon and again during training runs. I realized I was not wiping sweat from my burning eyes like I used to and sweat was not dripping off the curls on the back of my head and neck. That was the worse, especially when it was cold, but the Bondi Band’s wicking material almost completely eliminated that issue.

The bands are wide too. We know how hard it is to protect those hard to keep straight edges and roots of permed and flat-ironed natural hair once it gets wet. Between the fabric and the width, Bondi Bands help me fight the frizz. The only thing you have to worry about with these headbands is the Bondi Band tan. It is no fault of the band, but because of its width, sometimes you have to be strategic in how much of your forehead you cover. Otherwise, after a long run, you may find a tan line straight across your forehead. Its nothing a little make-up won’t cover. For what these headbands do, it is well worth the effort. They have a great variety to go with your activity and fashion level. I am just happy to have the sweat out my eyes. It is one less thing to worry about so you can focus on being the Sexy Mom you are.


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