Body Image: What Are We Teaching Our Daughters?

Growing up, I was always the heaviest out of my sisters.  Now when I say that, it would imply that I was a fat girl right? WRONG! They were all very lean, and I’m built more curvy.  So to them it was abnormal.

Isn’t that the same as we see in Hollywood though? They glamorize women that have their collarbones and hip bones protruding through their skin, and say it’s beautiful.  When a curvy girl steps up, they call her fat.  Look at Michelle Obama!  As fit as she is, she’s been accused of being fat or overweight. *scratches head, blank stare*

This is the twisted image our daughters, and yes, even our sons are exposed to on a daily basis.  In a society where sex sells, the worth of a woman is often reliant on her body.

So how do we change this?  By teaching our daughters that they are beautiful.  We must teach them that no matter how they’re shaped, lean or thick, how to see the beauty in themselves.  That may be a difficult thing to do when society may say otherwise.  It’s not impossible!

My daughter is built just like me when it comes to being curvy and muscular.  She has said on occasion that she feels like she’s fat.  She compares herself to her brother who is long and lean.  What worked for us?

I had to show my daughter images of beautiful women who are curvy like her.  And who are heavier than what Hollywood would call beautiful.  Her being able to see these women as beautiful has helped to shift her focus from her feeling fat, to her understanding that she is beautiful no matter what size she is.  Healthy is beautiful!

That’s what worked to help her understand that she is size beautiful whether it be a 2 or a 10.  Show your daughters images of women that are not by Hollywood’s definition, beautiful.  Show your daughter that she’s beautiful, period!  Teach her that her confidence will exude her beauty…no matter what size she is.

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