5 Tips To Keep Up With Your Workout During Summer Days

Being a Sexy Mom who Rocks means also taking care of your self.  Getting exercise and eating healthy foods is what allows your body to function at it’s optimal level.  With the summer here, and the temperatures soaring, it can be easy to talk ourselves out of workouts.  Here are 5 tips to help you stay cool while keeping up with your workouts during the summer days.

1) Take a cool shower: Right before you go to work out, take a cool 10 minute shower.  Not a cold shower, but a cool shower.  This will allow your body to be cooled off before you even get started.  This is a technique many athletes do as well. Another trick might be to wet and freeze a bandanna or headband, and put it on right before a workout to keep you cool.

2) Drink extra water: Drink 8-12 ounces of water before a workout to ensure you don’t dehydrate.  While working out, make sure you drink water every 15 mins. Replenish the fluids you sweat out.

3) Monitor your heart rate: While working out in the heat, your heart rate can increase. If you don’t keep an eye on it, you could be at risk for heat exhaustion, or even worse, stroke. An easy way to keep up with your heart rate is to use a monitor.  Try and keep your heart rate in the 70-75% range during hot days.

4) Work out on dirt, not concrete: Concrete has a tendency to absorb the heat, and make you heat up while working out.  Dirt doesn’t heat you up like concrete does.  Plus, along with dirt is usually the cover of trees, which will help provide the shade you need.

5) Cool down: Freeze a bottle of water overnight and take it with you to workout. As you need to cool down, the bottle can be placed on your body to cool you down.  As the water melts, you can drink the water to cool down too.


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