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11244943_10153314752799586_7019576479246246918_oMrs. Holman was born on January 14, 1969, in York, PA. Mrs. Holman is the oldest of three children born to the parents of Reverend Dr. Bernie Manning and Mrs. Patricia Manning. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management in 1991 from Norfolk State University, located in Norfolk, Virginia.

Upon graduating from college, she began a successful 17 year career in sales and recruitment. During this time, she held several notable senior level positions with various companies in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area; to include the Director of Recruitment with Careers USA. As the Recruitment Director, she developed, implemented and managed all sales and recruitment efforts. Additionally, Mrs. Holman held the position of Vice President of recruitment and development with Affirmation Concepts, Inc. (ACI). ACI was an Information Technology staffing company that Mrs. Holman co-founded in 2000 to meet the growing demand for IT staff in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Upon the fulfillment of that need in 2007, she closed the company and began to strategically position herself for a career in the federal government employment sector.

In 2008 she accepted a position as a Business Financial Manager with Naval Air Systems (NAVAIR), located in Patuxent River, MD. NAVAIR is a $40B corporation providing aircraft, avionics, air-launched weapons, electronic warfare systems, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles that employs over 37,000 total workforce members nationally across 10 locations. While in that position she worked effortlessly to support the NAVAIR Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) in Southeast Jacksonville, FL. She was responsible for providing budget guidance, financial analysis, and the completion of statistical based reports that were used for decision making. Her knowledge of financial management, attention to requirements and details resulted in the production of timely and reliable reports. In recognition of her diligence and determination to the organization, she received a Letter of Appreciation on June 5, 2012.

In 2011, Mrs. Holman transferred to the Command Strategies, Force Planning and Analysis Department, as a Senior Community Management Specialist. In this position, she serves as a leader in the development and creation of the NAVAIR Career Guidebook (NCG) and the execution of the Talent Management Dashboard tool. Mrs. Holman’s ability to analytically and critically think, coupled with her demonstrated ability to foster and maintain effective communication channels have proven to be invaluable to the organization. In September 2012, as a direct result of her hard work, dedication and organizational impact to NAVAIR’s organization, Mrs. Holman was awarded the employee of the quarter award at Naval Air Systems Aircraft Division. In 2012, Mrs. Holman was accepted to the NAVAIR Leadership Development Program (NLDP) which will further serve as a vehicle for the continued development of her leadership and managerial talents.

In addition to her work with Naval Air Systems Command, Mrs. Holman works tirelessly in her community. She is the founder and President of Women of Excellence (W.O.E.), which is a non-profit community outreach organization established in 2007. The purpose of W.O.E. is to encourage, empower, and strengthen young women in the greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area through outreach programs and events. Under the leadership of Mrs. Holman, the organization has assisted homeless and battered women to re-establish themselves and their families in their local communities, provided Christmas dinner and gifts for needy families, served as the voice of empowerment through forums and conferences hosted by the organization for young women throughout the Washington, DC area and started a scholarship fund which makes scholarships available to selected high school students who have a desire to further their education academically. W.O.E.’s vision of developing and encouraging excellence in all aspects of a young woman’s life”, is a direct reflection of how Mrs. Holman lives her life. Mrs. Holman has a passion for empowering young girls and continues to use W.O.E. as her platform for positively affecting and changing the lives of young women. Mrs. Holman is the 2014 Women of Color recipient for her Community Service efforts.

Mrs. Holman is married to her college sweetheart Joseph Holman. They have two daughters Alexis and Amaiya. Mrs. Holman is also an active member in her church and credits her mother and father for the guidance, support and love of family and community they instilled in her during the formidable years of her life. Mrs. Holman’s dedication and commitment to her professional career, family and community is not only noteworthy, but commendable. Mrs. Holman continues to exemplify an exceptional level of professionalism and an unyielding level of excellence in all that she does; traits that are sure to catapult her to the next level in her career and personal life.



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