If you are a dedicated mom, passionate lover, fabulous and driven business woman, spiritual and purpose-filled then you are a Sexy Mom and you ROCK!

SexyMomsRock is an international movement to create a network of organizations, businesses, leaders, and regular folks who understand the importance of maternal figures and join together to encourage, empower, and educate moms into their full potential and ultimate legacy. We celebrate the strength, love, and passion of moms by embracing all aspects of who she is.

She is a nurturer, a lover, a business woman, an innovator, an educator, a supporter and more. Our combined experiences serve as blueprints to those who are stuck and need direction, perspective for life’s confusing times, hope in challenging times, and the standing ovation moms do not receive often enough. We want to inspire all moms to look at who you are and celebrate your greatness.

SexyMomsRock will has monthly gatherings that serve as occasions to recharge, share experiences, and encourage each other. SexyMomsRock networking events allow moms to share business opportunities, gain financial insight, and collaborate on future endeavors. SexyMomsRock Get-Aways allow moms from across the nation to meet at a destination for much needed rest and relaxation. Mom is more than a role you play. It is part of a complex individual who has dreams, desires, and a purpose. This movement is for those moms who can embrace their whole selves and share what they have learned with others. So join us, change lives, and proclaim that SEXY MOMS ROCK!

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