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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

Why Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Personal Life Is NONE Of Our Business!

Have you ever been in a relationship where everyone seemed to have something to say about it? Where everyone felt the undying need to inject their personal opinions in YOUR relationship? Now has that ever been done in the public eye where millions of people felt the need to do it? Just think, that’s Keshia…
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Daughter Beats Handicapped Mother In Street. What Would You Have Done?

A caretaker daughter started hitting her wheelchair bound mother in the street in broad daylight for not lifting the break. A bystander caught it all on video before he said anything to her. What would you have done? Sharing is caring:

How This Mom Used Social Media To Make Things Right

Social media has been buzzing lately in praise of this mother who, upon learning that her daughter and step-daughter were rude and disrespectful during a movie, used social networks to make things right with the other mother.  Kyesha smith Wood dropped her 3 kids off at a movie theater to see Cinderella. Upon their return…
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I’d Rather They Smoke with Me

Recently I was scrolling through social media only to come across a video of a mother and daughter. That, alone, sounds harmless. After all, there are endless videos of mother-daughter duos sharing their personal moments with the world. Unfortunately, this moment should have remained personal and, in my opinion, never taken place and never shared…
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Shaming Kids On Social Media: Dangerous Or Discipline?

On any given day you can come across videos of parents shaming their kids on social media for their behavior.  From the pictures of a little boy with an old man haircut, to a video of a dad shooting his daughter’s laptop, and another of a father spanking his teenage son.  Are these videos teaching…
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