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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

Why I Refuse To Let My Kid Have A Participation Award

Nowadays it seems competitive sports have changed and the winning players or team no longer gets the award, but both teams get an award.  The losing team gets a “participation” award.  The concept behind this is to boost the self-esteem of all children involved and remove the focus on “winners” and “losers”. My son played on…
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The “No Homework” Trend Schools Are Adopting

Do you remember coming home after school only to have to start on your homework which usually lasted well into the evening. Once you were done, you only had time for dinner, a bath, and then bed time? That’s just how school went right? With mixed research coming in, and an increasing amount of information…
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Sincerely, A Worried Mother

Dear SexyMomsRock: As I’m sure you’ve already heard, but President Obama has recently signed an initiative to allow transgender students to use whichever bathroom they identify with.  While I have no problem with them being transgender, my concern is my middle school daughter.  It concerns me to think that my daughter will be showering after…
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This Sign Was Put Up At A School, Parents Having Mixed Reactions

This was placed in the carpool lane at a school by the Headmaster of that school.  Parents have had mixed reactions about the stance this headmaster took.  What do you think? Do you bail your kids out? Do you think this is a good way to teach them responsibility?  Sound off! Sharing is caring:

High School Senior Pulled Out Of Class For Not Wearing Bra

A senior in high school is up in arms after being asked to wear a bra to school.  Apparently, the imprints of her nipples were protruding through her clothes, and she was pulled out of class and asked to wear “something more appropriate”. Below is the post she shared on Facebook defending her position.  As…
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They Want to Walk to School ALONE

I know that is your little man or your baby girl but they are ready to spread their wings and walk to school…ALONE. Maybe they are not completely alone, perhaps they walk with their siblings or other neighborhood children, but, in no way, do they see themselves as the a kid who needs mommy to…
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