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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

10 Things NOT To Say To A Pregnant Woman

I’m now 8 months pregnant, and I can honestly say I’ve heard some of the most ridiculous comments from people during my pregnancy. I’ve heard comments that have gone from uber nosy to downright rude and obnoxious. Having experiences like this help me remember what NOT to say to another pregnant woman. Here are 10…
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The Not-So-Perfect Side Of Motherhood We’ve All Been In

A frustrated mother shares her frustration on raising young children as a single parent. The comments in response to this overwhelmed mom were brutal! As women, as sisters, we need that village around us to help us stand strong when we feel weak. We ALL feel weak and overwhelmed from time to time, and most,…
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Gabrielle Union Speaks Out On Her Struggle With Infertility

Gabrielle Union is an A-list Hollywood celebrity who has starred in numerous movies and tv shows, most recently the series Being Mary Jane. She is also wife of basketball star Dwayne Wade. Gabrielle Union recently released a new book entitled “We’re going to need more wine” in which she opens up about some personal struggles…
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Silence Increases Teen Pregnancy Rate

Over the past 20 years, the United States teen pregnancy rate has continually declined. According to the Department of Health & Human Services, the U.S. teen birth rate was 61.8 births for every 1,000 adolescent females ages 15-19, compared with 26.5 births for every 1,000 adolescent females in 2013. This is the lowest it has been…
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Kelly Rowland Opens Up On Balancing Motherhood And Career

Kelly Rowland, former member of Destiny’s Child, now solo artist has opened up to Ebony magazine in an intimate interview about how she balances motherhood and her career.  Kelly has a 1-year-old son named Titan, is newly married, and is still in the studio recording hits. Just how does she do it? Here are some…
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Why I Hated My Postpartum Body

As I got undressed to take a shower, I looked in the mirror at my 4-day postpartum body and my first thought was yuck! I didn’t like the still swollen stomach, and the changes in my body. It was in that train of thought that I asked myself why did I think this body was…
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New Line Of Greeting Cards Aims At Normalizing Miscarriages & Stillbirths

With October 15 being Pregnancy & Infant loss day, this is still a taboo topic for many to talk about.  There are many who want to be there for someone who has had a loss, but don’t know what to say, or how to be there.  I’ve been on both sides myself. I’ve had multiple…
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A Mother’s Nightmare: A Battle With Postpartum Depression

Being 8 months pregnant, one of the concerns that has crossed my mind is how things will be once I have the baby.  I expect the hormonal crash. What I don’t expect is dealing with Postpartum Depression. I know it’s a very real condition, and I am fully aware that it can be treated.  Perhaps…
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Pregnant? 10 Things You Actually Do NEED For Baby

Next week I’ll be 6 months pregnant. If you’re anything like me, you can start feeling overwhelmed with all of the new baby items that are out. Since this isn’t my first baby, I have the experience of knowing what we needed for my last two, and what was just a want…or what was completely…
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Dads Experience Labor: Every Father Should Experience This

These 2 dads think women exaggerate what it feels like to go through childbirth, so they agree to be strapped to electrodes to experience simulations of labor.  Their responses are absolutely hilarious! Sharing is caring: