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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

“Your Child is Perfect” – One Mom’s Letter to Her Doctor

Have you ever wanted something really bad? You worked so hard to prepare for it. You thought about it every minute of the day. When it finally seemed like it was time to celebrate your success, someone was there to tell you “Stop.” You cannot have what you wanted, what you’ve dream of, and prayed…
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New Mexico Parents’ Creative Punishment For Their Teen

Everyone knows the teenage years can be trying times for parents.  After getting fed up with their disrespectful teenage son, and tired of him stealing from them, these New Mexico parents have forced him to live outside in a tent only coming indoors to sleep and bathe.  They’re also feeding him and keeping in compliance…
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This Sign Was Put Up At A School, Parents Having Mixed Reactions

This was placed in the carpool lane at a school by the Headmaster of that school.  Parents have had mixed reactions about the stance this headmaster took.  What do you think? Do you bail your kids out? Do you think this is a good way to teach them responsibility?  Sound off! Sharing is caring:

My Kids Luggage Was Stolen, This Is What It Taught Me

This morning I made the Amtrak trip from DC to NY with my 3 kids to come visit my family. Once we got there, we loaded the luggage in the car. All but one suitcase. My daughter had a suitcase, and got excited when she saw my mother, and let it go. She left it…
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How Birthing With a Doula Changed My Experience

It’s been 1 month since I gave birth to my newest baby boy, and baby #3 for me.  My daughter is 9 years old now, and my older son is 7 years old.  So starting over with a new baby was not necessarily in the plans for me, but he has definitely been a welcomed…
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Kelly Rowland Opens Up On Balancing Motherhood And Career

Kelly Rowland, former member of Destiny’s Child, now solo artist has opened up to Ebony magazine in an intimate interview about how she balances motherhood and her career.  Kelly has a 1-year-old son named Titan, is newly married, and is still in the studio recording hits. Just how does she do it? Here are some…
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Why I Hated My Postpartum Body

As I got undressed to take a shower, I looked in the mirror at my 4-day postpartum body and my first thought was yuck! I didn’t like the still swollen stomach, and the changes in my body. It was in that train of thought that I asked myself why did I think this body was…
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6 Year Old Gets Plastic Surgery Because He Was Bullied

Gage Berger, a 6-year old that was incessantly teased and bullied in school for years recently underwent surgery to pin back his ears, which he felt to be the cause of his bullying. His dad Timothy Berger said that over the past year, his “playful, outgoing” son had “changed.” Gage started keeping to himself more,…
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Daughter Beats Handicapped Mother In Street. What Would You Have Done?

A caretaker daughter started hitting her wheelchair bound mother in the street in broad daylight for not lifting the break. A bystander caught it all on video before he said anything to her. What would you have done? Sharing is caring:

David Beckham on Pacifiers & Parenting

Superstar, David Beckham, inadvertently shined a light on a subject not typically made a public issue; big kids using pacifiers. Members of the media chose to slam him after photos of him allowing his 4-year old daughter to use a pacifier surfaced. Beckham responded by saying, “Why do people feel they have the right to…
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