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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

The Not-So-Perfect Side Of Motherhood We’ve All Been In

A frustrated mother shares her frustration on raising young children as a single parent. The comments in response to this overwhelmed mom were brutal! As women, as sisters, we need that village around us to help us stand strong when we feel weak. We ALL feel weak and overwhelmed from time to time, and most,…
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This Sign Was Put Up At A School, Parents Having Mixed Reactions

This was placed in the carpool lane at a school by the Headmaster of that school.  Parents have had mixed reactions about the stance this headmaster took.  What do you think? Do you bail your kids out? Do you think this is a good way to teach them responsibility?  Sound off! Sharing is caring:

My Kids Luggage Was Stolen, This Is What It Taught Me

This morning I made the Amtrak trip from DC to NY with my 3 kids to come visit my family. Once we got there, we loaded the luggage in the car. All but one suitcase. My daughter had a suitcase, and got excited when she saw my mother, and let it go. She left it…
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Sexy Moms Rock Honors Mothers Today And Every Day!

This video is to honor some of the wonderful Mothers we are grateful to know, and to honor the many wonderful Mothers we have yet to meet! Sharing is caring:

Moms Don’t Let Their Sons Riot

This video has sparked waves throughout the internet with this mom being hailed as “Mother of the year”.  During the protests in Baltimore yesterday, this mom spotted her son looting and destroying property.  This was her response.  *Warning: Explicit language* While many of the youth were participating in looting and destroying, what we also need…
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