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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

8 Ways To Help Your Children Get Through A Divorce (While Keeping Your Own Sanity)

In late 2016, my marriage was over.  This is not about who was at fault or who wasn’t, nor is it about anything regarding the marriage.  This is about how I learned to walk with my children through the process and how I learned to keep my sanity during it all. Safe Space:  No matter how…
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Friends With Your Ex?

Friends with the ex seems to be a hot button topic, and from what I’m discovering, the rules are changing. As far as I always knew, being friends with an ex while in a current relationship was a no-no for the sake of the current relationship. Now before you go on about why your relationship…
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How To Deal With Your Ex Finding Love…And You’re Still Single

Recently the media has announced that singer Ciara is now pregnant by her husband, NFL star Russell Wilson. They have consistently been in the eye of media attention for the relationship Russell Wilson has with Ciara’s son, who is also the son of Rapper, Future. Future has taken to the media to vent about his…
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Future vs Ciara: Limits on the Ex’s Next

One weekend I dropped my daughter off to her father. She had her overnight bag, the books she wanted to read, and her favorite stuffed animal. She was dressed like a typical eight year old with her jeans, t-shirt, and a ponytail that took great effort to accomplish. Straightening and restraining natural hair on an…
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My Ex as My Next?

He walks in the room and smells good. You remember that smell would linger in the bedroom after he left for work. You take it all in. Then he takes your hand and looks deep in your eyes the way he used to, back then, when nothing else mattered in the world but his touch…
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