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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

The Not-So-Perfect Side Of Motherhood We’ve All Been In

A frustrated mother shares her frustration on raising young children as a single parent. The comments in response to this overwhelmed mom were brutal! As women, as sisters, we need that village around us to help us stand strong when we feel weak. We ALL feel weak and overwhelmed from time to time, and most,…
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8 Ways To Help Your Children Get Through A Divorce (While Keeping Your Own Sanity)

In late 2016, my marriage was over.  This is not about who was at fault or who wasn’t, nor is it about anything regarding the marriage.  This is about how I learned to walk with my children through the process and how I learned to keep my sanity during it all. Safe Space:  No matter how…
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Why I Won’t Encourage My Kids To Marry Young

Fairy Tales have been ingrained in us so much so, that you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know of them.  From the time we are young girls we’re shown fairy tales of the “damsel” finding her “prince charming”, and getting married and living happily ever after. Well, fairy tales got it…
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An Unprepared Unequipped Mother

Last Monday my daughter had surgery.  A pretty routine surgery at that.  She had surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids.  I’ve always heard how simple of a procedure this was, and how quickly kids bounce back from it.  I was unprepared to see the complications my daughter ended up having to endure.  Immediately after…
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A Perfect Movie Date For The Kids

Recently I had the pleasure of taking my kids to see the movie “Moana”.  I have to say this is one of the best kids’ movies I have seen in a very long time!  First, it was empowering to my daughter that the lead character is the daughter of a Chief, and looks very much…
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Keeping Your Kids Active During Winter Months

With the winter months upon us it’s more difficult to keep our kids active and moving throughout the season. This leaves them with the risk of obesity, as well as with a ton of bottled up energy that as parents will drive us absolutely nuts! One of my sons is a ball of energy and…
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Is A Wife’s Ability To Submit Dependent On Her Husband’s Ability To Lead?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday and as we were discussing the role of a wife and the role of a husband, we found that there was a common thread in our conversation.  Among what we discussed was what the different churches teach women as far as submission to their husband…
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Why I Hate The 4th of July

Every year around the 4th of July it starts–the fireworks.  Despite the fact that they are illegal in my state, that doesn’t mean anything to those firing them up and creating their own fireworks show on the block.  Now, I can’t be too hard on them because when I was young, my friends and I…
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What Happened To The Village?

As I sat on my parents’ porch enjoying the summer breeze, I watched school bus after school bus pull up and drop off the kids who now live on the same block where I grew up. I watched the school aides walk some off the bus and have almost a “good riddance” attitude. I watched…
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This Sign Was Put Up At A School, Parents Having Mixed Reactions

This was placed in the carpool lane at a school by the Headmaster of that school.  Parents have had mixed reactions about the stance this headmaster took.  What do you think? Do you bail your kids out? Do you think this is a good way to teach them responsibility?  Sound off! Sharing is caring: