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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

Women’s Empowerment Hits The Golden Globes: Oprah Winfrey’s Life-Changing Speech

Oprah Winfrey brought the house down with her life-changing Golden Globes speech. Oprah is best known as a Media Mogul ranging from the OWN Network to the Oprah show, advertising and commercials, producing, acting in movies, and so much more. She is by far a multitalented woman who succeeds at what she puts her hands…
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Are Celebrities Held To Different Child/Spousal Support Expectations?

A story that has circulated social media recently has been the homelessness of Carmen Bryan, mother of superstar Nas’ daughter.  Since his daughter has turned 18 and child support has stopped, it is now being reported that Carmen is homeless and couch surfing due to mismanagement of money.  After writing a tell-all book exposing Nas…
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11 Celebrity Moms Doing It Big–While Balancing Motherhood

It’s no secret that parenting while in the limelight has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  Kudos to the moms who can balance it all.  The main thing I hear them saying is having that “village” is so important to the balance, health, and development of their family. 1. Jill Scott Jill Scott is a mom to…
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HerStory: Tina Turner Graces Cover Of Vogue Magazine

Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll is featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine, and believe me, she’s just as stunning as she was decades ago.  Turner, who is 73 still looks great and is still in the studio making records.  She is currently working on a new album called “Beyond 2”. Tina…
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Body-Shaming: An All Out Attack On Women

This week we watched Serena Williams win her 6th Wimbledon championship.  She has won 21 Grand Slams. She is one of the greatest athletes of all time…and then the nasty remarks on the appearance of her body reared their ugly heads.  Those remarks came from the media, and even worse, other women. She has been…
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Sexy Moms Rock Wishes Tia & Tamera A Happy Birthday!

Sexy Moms Rock wishes Tia & Tamera a very happy birthday!  These women embody  what it means to be a Sexy Mom who Rocks!  Congratulations to Tamera on the birth of her new baby!! Sharing is caring: