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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

Stop Waiting!

Two women began their journey to become successful fashion entrepreneurs at the same time, attending the same university, networking in the same circles, and having access to the same resources. After graduation one sent resumes to various clothing and fashion corporations seeking employment. She mailed, e-mailed, and faxed then waited for a response. The other…
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Every Day, One Thing

Sexy moms are often busy moms. We are public transportation shuttling our children and their friends from activity to activity, chefs able to create full buffets on a budget of leftovers and air, and even medical personnel taking care of wounds and wiping noses. It is easy to look up and years have passed without…
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How to Make a Business Vision Board

I have several girl friends that are into this vision board thing. All around their offices and homes are poster boards and foam core displays of magazine ads, collages and pictures of random people doing what they, one day, want to do. I have tried to understand their enthusiasm over spending countless hours searching for…
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Are You a Boss B****?

A Sexy Mom understands her responsibility to leave a legacy for her children. It is not solely about leaving material things like houses or money in the bank. Those things will definitely help. But that legacy should also include a good name, a circle of influence, and ownership of something that will bring perpetual success…
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Your Business: It’s a Family Affair

Whether you are mom, wife, sister, aunt, or caring neighbor, there are many facets of YOU, all requiring your attention. The decision to become an entrepreneur only increased your work load. In addition to your usual titles and tasks you are owner, employee, receptionist, accountant, IT professional, and more. To say you are a “multi-tasker”…
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Are You Sleeping With “The Enemy”?

I remember when I wanted to start my business Nadine Renee Naturals.  My husband wasn’t fully convinced that all this “natural stuff” actually worked.  It wasn’t until I made a believer of him, but using the natural remedies, that he changed his mind.  The more I made, and exposed him to, the more he was…
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Sexy Moms Rock is Sponsoring the 100 Women Entrepreneurs Run/Walk

The 100 Women Entrepreneurs Run/Walk is a 5k race designed to bring together career and women entrepreneurs who wish to join us for a day of sisterhood, fitness and raising money to support charity. The run was founded and  created by entrepreneurs Vicki Irvin, Chereace Richards & Erana Tyler who all have reputations for empowering…
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Celebrity Sexy Moms

Here are some celebrity sexy moms who rock! Celebrity Sexy Moms Who Rock! Sharing is caring:

Pay Attention to Your Business

While on the radio in New York I had the privilege of interviewing Essie Moss. Essie is the mother of super producer and gospel recording artist J Moss. When I interviewed her it was less than a year after the passing of her husband. Believing there are valuable lessons in every challenge, I asked her…
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