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Not Your Typical Soccer Moms

10 Things NOT To Say To A Pregnant Woman

I’m now 8 months pregnant, and I can honestly say I’ve heard some of the most ridiculous comments from people during my pregnancy. I’ve heard comments that have gone from uber nosy to downright rude and obnoxious. Having experiences like this help me remember what NOT to say to another pregnant woman. Here are 10…
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High School Senior Pulled Out Of Class For Not Wearing Bra

A senior in high school is up in arms after being asked to wear a bra to school. ¬†Apparently, the imprints of her nipples were protruding through her clothes, and she was pulled out of class and asked to wear “something more appropriate”. Below is the post she shared on Facebook defending her position. ¬†As…
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Mother In Love Or Monster In Law?

Have you seen the movie Monster In Law with Jenifer Lopez and Jane Fonda? Well, that movie was in many cases a gross exaggeration. What happens when it’s not? What happens when your mother in law really is the monster in law? How do you handle it? A family member of mine as had to…
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