HERstory: Garcelle Beauvais Proclaims “It Takes A Village”

You may know her as “Fancy” from the Jamie Foxx show, but there’s so much more to Garcelle Beauvais than we hear about. I had the pleasure of being able to interview her about being a mom, career woman, activist, and much more.  I must admit I was impressed by the humility of this woman during our conversation. I absolutely loved hearing about the projects that Garcelle has been working on as well as her stories of motherhood.

Nadine: What is your definition of a Sexy Mom?

Garcelle: A Sexy Mom is a woman who takes care of her family, but is also selfless enough that she doesn’t neglect her own self in the process.

Nadine: I know it’s hard to pick one, but what are a few lessons you’ve learned from being a mom?

garcelle-beauvais-300Garcelle: In parenting, patience comes and goes. Sometimes we lose patience, and we need to regroup.  Parenting isn’t always amazing, it isn’t always pretty, but we can take a moment to pull away and get ourselves together again. Another lesson I’ve learned was kids are more resilient than we know.

Nadine: You also have a MomBlog, what made you start blogging?

Garcelle: I felt like I needed a platform to share and build within a community. It takes a village, and I wanted to empower women to come together. Even celebrities struggle with the same issues. I believe in empowering instead of tearing down.

Nadine: You’re an Activist as well, what are some of the causes you fight for? And why?

Garcelle: One of the organizations I work with is called Fonkoze. It’s an organization in Haiti that helps women with microfinancing, financial services, and business skills. I also work with an organization called Step Up Women’s Network, a national non-profit that empowers women and girls to be strong and reach their full potential.

Nadine: With all that you juggle, what do you do to find balance? What are some things you would recommend?

Garcelle: I recenter in a nice bath. People think that baths are only for the evening, and that’s not true. I relax in the bath, listen to music, take time for myself, whether it’s going to the mall and getting one of those 15 minute massages, or reading something inspirational, or even removing myself from the situation. Sometimes that means turning your phone off, or just laying in bed and relaxing.

Nadine: If there was one message you could give to other women, other moms, what would that be?

Garcelle: Don’t be afraid to lean on someone during the tough times.  Reach out to someone for help, even if it’s just to say “hey girl, my kids are driving me nuts, can you watch them while I take a minute for me?”.  Parenting is not a competition.  We need to help one another. The goal is to raise compassionate, kind people.

Nadine: Since your divorce, what can you say you learned from that that you can say “I’m better because”?

Garcelle: I’m better because I put my kids first. I didn’t do any badmouthing of their dad. Co-parenting has made me a better person because I’m strong enough to be able to handle it that way. Before that, anger and hurt didn’t allow me to see the other side. I’ve been able to move through it, and we now celebrate the kids’ birthday parties, and events together.

Nadine: So what projects do you have coming up that we can we look out for?

Garcelle: I’m in a movie called “A Girl Like Grace” (released June 2015), I also have Girlfriends Getaway 2 set to release on August 29, on TVOne.  The latest in the I AM book series is being released, it’s called I AM Awesome.  It’s available for preorder on Amazon.

With all that we hear about celebrities being snobbish, or cold, I can honestly say the impression Garcelle left with me exemplifies the definition of a Sexy Mom who Rocks. She focused on her family, her career, herself, and making a difference in the lives of others.

To preorder the book on Amazon, here is the link: I AM AWESOME

For more information on Fonkoze or Step Up Women’s Network:



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