Danni Starr – A Sexy Mom

We asked Danni to tell us what makes a mom sexy. She replied, “To me, sexy is a frame of mind.  It’s not what you wear or how you look, it’s all attitude and how you carry yourself. Being a mom doesn’t take away the sexy, if anything, being a mom has only made me feel sexier.”

Danni is a wife, a mother of a toddler and soon-to-be newborn, a lover, and a talker. You can hear her Monday through Friday as she serves as co-host of the hit syndicated morning show, The Kane Show!  Her face is often recognized as a former BRIDEZILLA and from the hit WeTV series MARRIAGE BOOTCAMP. While she is spunky and her wit and realness help make her a beloved personality, she is also a great person who supports many organizations including The Preeclampsia Foundation, a cause personal to her having suffered during her first pregnancy. Danni Starr is a sexy mom who ROCKS!

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