You’re A Wife And Mom…Now What?

You can be a good mother and follow your dreams.  You totally can if you so desire.  Many women desire to become a wife and mother.  We dream of the day we tell our husbands that they are expecting their first child.  When the baby is born we are so enamored with their little hands and feet and with their smell.  We are instantly consumed with their every move after while they are walking and no longer need to be held.  Two years have passed and you have another baby to take care of now you feel that your family is complete.  The family of four looks and sounds so cool and again you are consumed with your husband and the children that you have been blessed with.  You look at yourself in the mirror and you no longer recognize yourself because you’ve put so much energy into them.   You begin to ask yourself what is my purpose besides being a wife and mother.   Then mommy guilt pops up because you feel that your children need you. So anything you desire to do is put on the back burner so that you can continue to watch after your family.

That’s when you begin to see yourself as in individual so you begin to encourage yourself about following your dreams. Maybe it’s returning to school or starting a business.  From experience being a wife and a full-time  mom of two I wrote my first book called “the Happy Wife” in 2014.  Just recently I received my Associate’s Degree from the University of Phoenix seeing my children’s eyes light up when they saw my diploma as well as telling me how proud of me they are. That made my day!  Your children will love you even more when they see that their mom is happy and isn’t letting anything stop you from accomplishing your goals.  I cannot wait to put on my cap and gown and walk across that stage in July. Being a wife and mother is great but there’s no greater feeling than knowing that I accomplished something that pushed me to be a better me.  We are our children’s first role model.  Remember that!





Photo credit: Cia de Foto / Foter / CC BY

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