Woman Assaulted After Demanding Mom Quiet Screaming Child

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the story of the San Francisco woman who was assaulted by a mom who was shopping with her child while the child was having a tantrum, and the woman demanded her to quiet her screaming child. I’m unclear on whether the child actually had a diagnosis of some sort of disability, or if the child was simply having a temper tantrum. The story is reported that another woman shopping came up to the mother and told her to keep her kid quiet. An argument then ensued, and the mother of the child attacked the other woman and was since arrested.

Now, as easy as it is to judge on either side, let’s examine for a minute. I have been the mother whose child has had a meltdown in the store. I used to dread going into any store with my son. He has since outgrown many of the behaviors, but he is diagnosed as Autistic. I didn’t just sit in the store while my son was having a meltdown though. Unfortunately, I would have to leave whatever groceries, or whatever I had picked up right there and leave the store with him. Not only was it unpleasant for others, but it was also unpleasant for myself, and my son.

However, if anyone would have come up to me and told me to make my child be quiet, and I’m already flustered trying to calm my child, then that person could definitely expect a nasty response back. Why not go up to the flustered mother and say is there anything I can do to help? That would’ve made a monumental difference. All in all, the mother was still absolutely wrong for attacking the woman. Whether the woman was meddling or her intentions were good, but things just went really south, really fast, what lesson did she teach her child by attacking a woman in front of her? Now the child had to watch her mother assault another woman, which to the child displayed that it was ok to have that lack of self-control.

Please know that I am one of those mothers that is very defensive of my children. I’m very sensitive as to what is said to them. The world will do it’s best to tear down our children, so it’s our responsibility to build them up as much as we can. Also know that if my child is wrong, I will not hesitate to correct them, and address whatever behavior needs to be addressed. That’s MY job though. Not some random woman who may be walking through the store and doesn’t want to hear my child cry. In that same vein, in correcting the behavior, it may mean removing my child from the store to allow other shoppers to have a peaceful experience.

If we are to find fault with one mother here, then we need to find fault in both women. While one action may be worse than the other, it doesn’t negate the fact that the woman should not have involved herself if she had nothing positive to say. I have seen women remark on this topic and say that the woman in the store was not wrong in voicing her opinion. Yeah…right!!

We live in a society where everyone feels their opinions of others’ lives is their business. That is not the case. Sometimes that will get you attacked by a frazzled, angry, stressed out mother who isn’t rationally thinking. Please don’t get this twisted, I am not condoning her behavior at all. It was ridiculous, and showed complete lack of self-control and logical thought, and deserves the assault charge. I just hope that this also serves as a reminder of the phrase “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. You might just make it into the news and be the topic of women divided on either side throughout the country.

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