Why I Hate The 4th of July

Every year around the 4th of July it starts–the fireworks.  Despite the fact that they are illegal in my state, that doesn’t mean anything to those firing them up and creating their own fireworks show on the block.  Now, I can’t be too hard on them because when I was young, my friends and I would be the ones lighting up the fireworks in the neighborhood. So I definitely understand the fun and enjoyment that comes from setting off the fireworks. I definitely understand being excited over the colors and noises the fireworks make.

That was until I had a son who has sensory challenges.  Never would I have even considered the thought of how the fireworks affected someone else when I was younger.  Never did it cross my mind that someone–ANYONE could have a negative effect from the fireworks.  Now I do…

Starting from the time he was very young, my son, who is noise sensitive, would spend July 4th with his head buried in my chest, covering his ears.  He would get startled and jump at the loud booms and pops.  Even staying indoors and using headphones wouldn’t help enough.

I must admit, I absolutely hate the 4th of July!  I don’t look forward to it as a highlight of my summer like so many do. Now, I can’t say I’m angry with those that are setting off the fireworks.  They couldn’t possibly understand.  Just like me, it never could have dawned on them that these fireworks could have such an effect on anyone.  It’s just about having fun and enjoying the holiday!

So have fun and enjoy your holiday, but please keep in mind that there are those who don’t enjoy the holidays the same way.  There are those who this holiday isn’t fun for them.  Please be mindful of where you set off the fireworks, as you enjoy your holiday.



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