They Think They’re Grown-A Creative Way To Discipline

We all know there will be times our child(ren) will push our buttons.  They will think they are grown and start “smelling themselves” or testing their limits with us; their parents.  This can be especially so when they hit the preteen years.  So what do you do to continue instilling discipline when they are at the point where they think they’re grown?  This mother had a very creative way to remind her son that he is not as grown as he believes. This son started making some money from his YouTube channel and thought he was grown and should be treated as such. This mother issued a reminder!

11950939_10153314954749006_878449925_nWhat do you think? Did this mom go too far? Or did she do what more parents need to do? We’d love to hear your thoughts!




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Nadine Smiley is a Writer, Author, Speaker, and Consultant. She is a Les Brown trained Speaker and is part of The Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team. She speaks on a variety of topics to include living your purpose, Entrepreneurship, balancing business and family, holistic wellness, etc.

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