Shaming Kids On Social Media: Dangerous Or Discipline?

On any given day you can come across videos of parents shaming their kids on social media for their behavior.  From the pictures of a little boy with an old man haircut, to a video of a dad shooting his daughter’s laptop, and another of a father spanking his teenage son.  Are these videos teaching our children a lesson?  Or are they causing more damage than good?

In the case of one of those videos where the teenage boy was claiming to be affiliated with a local gang, after the video went viral, it is said that he was shot and killed because he claimed to be a part of that gang.  I don’t know how much truth there is to that claim.

While I must admit, some of these children nowadays are really out of hand.  However, I must pose the question, is that the child’s fault, or the parents’ fault.  Prison systems are being built for our boys based on their elementary school statistics.  So I pose the question, does a little shaming prevent the repeat of a behavior, which may down the line graduate to prison time?  Is it worth it? Is it overboard?

Social media shaming is so new that there hasn’t really been a chance to see to what degree this will affect the kids once they are adults, and possibly raising their own children.  Does this leave lasting psychological damage?  Is it not as serious as some may believe? Does it allow the child to escape the punishment for the trade of being shamed on social media?

One point that I would like to make is many people thought/think the same damage occurs when a child is spanked.  I can attest to hearing countless people say the spankings they received growing up kept them in line, and even helped them stay out of trouble.  I can also attest to that.  I raise my children with a mix of both.  It’s not often that I will spank my children, but I also institute other disciplinary measures. So are these parents doing the same?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Have you tried a similar disciplinary method with your child? Are you against it? Share your thoughts.

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