Sexually Inappropriate Children’s Book Sparks Outrage Among Parents

This children’s book written by Richard A. Cohen, entitled Alfie’s Home, being sold on Amazon, is sparking outrage among parents.  The book is about a boy who doesn’t get the attention he needs from his father, and gets sexually abused by his uncle.  This leads the boy to believe he may be gay until he talks to a counselor to try and gain some understanding.

The Author is a self described “Ex-Gay” Therapist, who implies that being gay is a reversible condition caused by childhood sexual abuse.  He submitted this book to the Supreme Court in attempts to uphold California’s Gay Marriage Ban.  He also proclaims himself a sexual reorientation specialist.  He tours the country specializing in helping gay people turn straight through the use of therapy and/or their own self-determination.

While there is much heated debate from both sides on whether a gay person can truly turn straight, or if being gay is truly a choice or not, there is one thing that we do know, this book is highly inappropriate for use as a children’s book.  While there is no doubt, this is a terrible trauma for any child to go through, putting it in a children’s book like it would be a bedtime story is truly distasteful, and is sparking outrage among parents–rightfully so!

If you suspect a child you know is being abused, please contact:   You may save a child’s life, and protect many others from being abused.

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