Quality Time: How Do I Find More Of It?

As moms, we always try and do the best we can for our children. Often we find ourselves in positions where we look back at a situation and feel like we could have handled it differently. Sometimes it may seem that everyone else claims to have the answers to parenthood and we’re still searching for our answers. One thing I have learned from being a parent is that children will follow the example that we set for them to follow. As a mom of two young children, it is not always easy to set the best example for them. Sometimes an impulsive decision can jeopardize what we have taught them. Sometimes a poor choice can jeopardize what we have taught them also. As a full-time working mom, student, wife, mother of two young children, and business owner, my life can be extremely busy. Making time for my family can be a challenge sometimes. It almost seems impossible to juggle all of those tasks at once.

Here are some tips I have learned that help in carving out time to spend with my family:
1) Always make time for a movie night. Whether you are tight on the budget, or only have an hour or two to spare, this is a great option to carve out some quality family time. This past New Years, I stayed home spending time with my family. For just one night it seemed as if everything was perfect. We made hot chocolate and had popcorn. We laid blankets on the floor, and watched movies as a family. Now I thought the kids would be bored, and want a little bit more action. It turned out that they said it was their best New Years yet. So I started to think, why did something so simple mean so much for them? Well the answer is simple, it turns out that children actually value quality family time more than we realize. As we get older we lose sight of what’s genuinely important with all of the demands that the world puts on us. So for that one night, they felt like they were the focus of our attention, and not bills, or the day’s demands. It seems this means more to them than we truly adult.

2)Set up one game night per month at least. Game nights are not only quality family time, but they also teach children how to win and lose gracefully. These are key teaching areas when it comes to putting our children in anything competitive, whether it be sports or academics. Teaching our children how to lose gracefully is just as important as teaching them how to win gracefully. Just as no one wants to play with a sore loser, no one wants to play with a child who wins, but rubs it in everyone’s face. Being able to teach our children at home about humility is extremely important as they grow older and enter into society. So we not only benefit from having that quality time, but we also benefit from being able to teach our children important lessons. This is also a time where we can teach our children how to play games honestly and not having to cheat to win. It reinforces the integrity we try to teach our children.

3)Block one day of your schedule out of the month to just spend time together. It can be so easy for our calendars to fill up, that we need to remind ourselves to block off one day for our family. We should have nothing planned for that day that does not involve our family. Whether it be an activity that the family has been wanting to take on, or a lazy day at home. Open that time up to communicate and sit and chat with your children. No matter how young you may be surprised at the level of understanding young children have. You may also be surprised at the questions they may come up with. I’ve been thrown off quite a few times with questions I was unprepared for. The bottom line is they remember days like this as they get older. As they grow, if you’ve invested the time for them when they were young, they will learn to invest the time in you as they grow older. Time flies by so much faster than we realize. The time we spend with our children today, will help shape their tomorrows.

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