Pregnant? 10 Things You Actually Do NEED For Baby

Next week I’ll be 6 months pregnant. If you’re anything like me, you can start feeling overwhelmed with all of the new baby items that are out. Since this isn’t my first baby, I have the experience of knowing what we needed for my last two, and what was just a want…or what was completely useless. So now that I’m on baby #3, I’m trying to figure out what’s needed again, and what’s just a want. Part of this has to do with how we choose to raise our babies as well. For example, I plan on breastfeeding, and when he is old enough to start on food, I plan to make his baby food. That would mean I need a blender for baby food. Not all parents are going this route, but it’s what we chose. So here’s a list of items you actually need for baby, unless specified, the brand is not important. If you have anything to add, please feel free. We’d love to hear it!

1. Baby Swing

fisher_price_my_little_snugabunny_cradle_n_swingThis has helped tremendously when it came to my babies.  Sometimes you need to put the baby down and get something done. However, that doesn’t always mean baby agrees with you. This allows the baby to stay entertained, and soothed, while you move around and do what you need to. Note: Make sure baby is correctly strapped in every time you put your precious bundle in the swing.


2. Swaddling Blankets

Bamboo_Muslin_Swaddle_Azure_Baby  Swaddling blankets are amazing!! Since babies are used to being in the womb, where they are as snug as a bug in rug (you can tell I have kids), when they come out, they’re comforted by being swaddled as well. Babies don’t yet know where their bodies are in space, so without the swaddling, you may notice your baby having more startled reactions. It’s that “feeling like they’re falling” feeling that they get.  Also, most babies that are swaddled are much easier to calm and soothe.

3. Baby Carriers

BabyKtan3Baby Carriers are so unbelievably convenient for the mom and dad on the go.  It not only allows that skin to skin contact, but it also comforts the baby. It’s also very convenient for the nursing mom.  Make sure you choose a carrier that works for the age your baby is.



4. Baby Stroller

stroller-baby-trend-passporBaby strollers are extremely convenient as well.  Now, strollers have come a long way, and there are so many different versions now that it can feel overwhelming trying to choose.  There are infant strollers that allow the baby to lay down instead of sitting up like an older baby.  Unfortunately, the baby doesn’t stay in that stage for long. What I did was use a carrier for that short time until baby was big enough for the regular strollers. Also, make sure the one you buy allows the seat to have a recline for baby when they fall asleep. It’s not comfortable to see your baby’s head dangling when they’re sleep. Also make sure it has a long sun canopy for sunny days.  You don’t want the rays burning the baby. Cup holders and trays are a nice addition. It allows baby to eat little finger foods, and rest the bottle while traveling. It’s not a necessity though.

5. High Chair

highchairTrust me, you’re going to need one of these!  There aren’t many things harder than trying to feed a squirming baby, who can move faster than the speed of light, smacking food out of your hand and sending it flying in the kitchen. Don’t ask me how many times that has happened…More than I can count. Make sure the seat is something you can easily clean. You don’t want dried, stuck on food smelling up the house, or scratching your baby’s gentle skin.


6. Food Processor


If you plan on making food for baby, this is an excellent option. You can make small amounts, and be able to clean it relatively quickly.  The food processor also is able to break down nuts and seeds so it becomes smooth.  There are many health benefits to adding nuts and seeds to food.  Food mills don’t process seeds or nuts, but they do seive out any course debris which will allow for creamy foods like soups and such.


7. Mesh Toy Bag

toy sanitierBath toys are so gross if you ask me.  The kids love them though.  They sit dripping wet after bath, and if there are any holes, there’s almost a party of mold/mildew that will grow.  Now, after throwing out dozens and dozens of bath toys, I figured out if I put them in a mesh toy bag, and every so often wash them in the dishwasher, they grew no mold or mildew. They were sanitized, and ready for play when it was bath time again.


8. Formula Dispenser


If you’re formula feeding your baby, this is a must have. For my first baby, I would have to carry the can around in the bag, adding extra bulk and weight. When I had my second baby, I discovered this formula dispenser, and it was so helpful! Each compartment holds enough for a full bottle. If need be, you can even pack 2, and it still takes up less space than the formula can.


9. Car Seat

carseatIn order to bring your baby home from the hospital, you’re going to need a car seat.  Most hospitals now check for car seats before they allow the baby to go home.  It’s a safety issue. Back in the days, they would allow the mom to hold the baby in the back seat. Not anymore. Car seats are now a necessity if you’ll be riding in a car, even if you’re not the driver.



10. Baby Tub

BABY-BATHWhile at the very beginning, you won’t need to put baby in the bath until the cord area heals up, after that baby is going to need a bath.  The best baby tubs I’ve found are the ones that are convertible. They come with a mesh screen for newborns, and once they outgrow it, you can easily remove it. Please make sure you keep one hand on the baby at all times. Wet, squirmy babies can be pretty slippery. You don’t want any accidents.


So are there any absolute must-haves that you can think of? Leave comment, we’d love to hear!

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