PG Rated YouTube Channels To Keep Your Child Entertained

He was sitting next to me on the floor curled up with his laptop.  His new interest is Sonic.  Not the Sonic we remember, but now he’s a race car driver, crime fighter, etc. As he’s watching Youtube videos of Sonic, I hear the narrators start cursing and saying inappropriate sexual innuendos, while laughing.  I immediately shut down the video.  Shortly after that, my son started asking what some of the curse words meant.  As a parent, this is one of those moments you dread from your children.

Here is a list of some PG rated YouTube channels that are safe for your children:

Kids Activities BlogIf your child is anything like my daughter, and is a tinker, or loves science experiments, this is a great place to get some ideas for experiments at home. Spark your child’s curiosity in science, chemistry, etc.

AllTube4KidsIf your child is into pranks and silly jokes, this might be a good channel for your child. I don’t like to encourage the pranking in my house, as it can go overboard really quickly, so I don’t have my kids watching it. However, pranking may be a welcome part of your family life. They also do plenty of joking and playing around. Your child may enjoy it.

Vsauce: This channel focuses on areas like language, earth, visual perception, etc. He does experiments on human behavior, space, and even physics.  

SimpleKidsCrafts: If your daughter is anything like mine, she’s into dolls, and girly things, and simple crafts, this is a good channel for them.

CupQuake: For your kids that are into video games, this is a good channel for them. There is no cursing like some of the other video game channels. They are actually quite funny in a goofy sense.

YoGabbaGabba: This channel is pretty self-explanatory. If your kid is a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba, this is definitely the channel for them.

Sesame Street: Just like Yo Gabba Gabba, if your kid is a fan of Sesame Street, this is the perfect channel for them.

Baby Einstein: This helps hold the attention of the little ones when you need a quick break.  Probably too baby-ish for your slightly older kids.

HooplaKids: Nursery rhymes, fables, and tales all in a colorful interactive way. This is a fun channel for young kids.

Stampy: If you have a child that’s interested in Minecraft, this is a good channel for them. A new Minecraft video is uploaded weekly.

Hopefully these channels help keep your kids occupied, educated, and entertained like they have for mine.  Do you know of any other PG rated YouTube channels or the kids? We’d love to hear about them.


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