New Mexico Parents’ Creative Punishment For Their Teen

Everyone knows the teenage years can be trying times for parents.  After getting fed up with their disrespectful teenage son, and tired of him stealing from them, these New Mexico parents have forced him to live outside in a tent only coming indoors to sleep and bathe.  They’re also feeding him and keeping in compliance with state rules.

They even gave their teen son the option of writing 5 book reports on being respectable.  He refused, so the parents are sticking with this punishment for at least a month.  When interviewed by local news outlets, the mom Angela Boggus states “We’re not doing anything wrong here,” “We’re simply trying to teach our child a lesson.”

His dad, Jacob, added, “If he doesn’t learn that now, it’s gonna be the whole world’s problem, not just ours, in a couple of years.” “Anybody who wants to talk some sense into him is more than welcome. We’re not trying to hide from this,” Jacob said.

The neighbors have offered extreme criticism, and even reported to authorities.  Makes you wonder if they offered any ideas to help, or has it just been criticism?  While for some this may seem like a harsh punishment, these parents feel like they’re out of options.

If this were your teen, what would you do?

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