Nevada Paying Parents $5k To Remove Children From Public Schools

Nevada is well-known for having the worst public school system in the country.  However, in an unprecedented turn of events, a new policy has just started that may possibly turn all of that around.  The State Treasurer is going to pay parents $5k per child to be removed from public schools (including charter schools) and enrolled in a private school, or home schooled.

This new program is set to take effect in January 2016, and will be part of a new bill that passed into law last month.  Of course the opponents of the bill felt the schools would get less federal funding with the absence of so many students.  The bill proposed that the school would continue to get the same amount of funding, and in fact, have more money to spend per child now.

No other states have programs like this, so this will be the pilot state to try out the program. While there is just as much risk for success as there is for failure, Nevada’s education system ranks so low nationally that it may turn out to be a great thing for the state.

As a home schooling mom myself, I wish I could get a $10k check for home schooling my children.  Depending on the success of Nevada’s new program, this may be something other states adopt if they have struggling education systems.  We shall see…

Would you remove your child? We’d love to hear from you!

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