Moms Don’t Let Their Sons Riot

This video has sparked waves throughout the internet with this mom being hailed as “Mother of the year”.  During the protests in Baltimore yesterday, this mom spotted her son looting and destroying property.  This was her response.  *Warning: Explicit language*

While many of the youth were participating in looting and destroying, what we also need to understand is that these same youth have had all of their outlets taken from them.  Arts programs, music programs, sports programs, etc. All due to “budget cuts”. The youth no longer have the outlets needed to express their feelings, their frustration, their anger in a positive way, and this is how they are choosing to have their voices heard.

Is this correct?  Not at all.  They’re destroying their own communities for lack of knowledge.  Who is teaching them better?  Where are the rest of the parents that should be there snatching up their kids?  How can we teach our kids to do better when we feel like our voices aren’t being heard?

In all fairness, this mother probably saved her son’s life yesterday.  All it would’ve taken was one bullet from a police officer’s gun.  He could have possibly been the next child killed by police that the public would have been protesting for.  Mothers, don’t let your sons riot.  Teach them to affect change by affecting money.  Spend money within their own communities.  Once they see their money being affected is when they will hear our voices.  This was exactly what happened when Martin Luther King Jr. led the boycott of the buses.  When they realized their money was being affected was when they made the change.

We have a voice…We just have to use it the right way.  Teach your children to make a change that will last for their children.

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