Mom, You’ve Changed…

Technology has evolved. We’ve gone from huge Walkmans to itty-bitty iPods. We’ve seen rotary phones, cordless phones, and cell phones. We went from huge TVs where we had to turn the knob to change the channel, to having Netflix on our SMART flat screens. Times have changed.

One thing that’s definitely different these days? Moms.

Back in the day, moms were cookie baking, minivan driving ladies with high waisted mom jeans and bob haircuts. When you thought of “mom,” you thought of June Cleaver.

Today’s mom has evolved. She makes her cookies from organic or vegan ingredients  (no butter, no white flour, no eggs), drives an SUV or a “swagger wagon,”shops at Banana Republic for her skinny jeans, and has a sleek and stylish bob. She works, inside or out of the home. She makes time for play days and date nights–and she blogs about it all.

Mom’s changed. And she has tattoos.

Pop culture has certainly had an influence on our style, but the way we parent is different now, too. The days of children being seen and not heard are gone, as we allow our kids to express themselves in  word, art, music and dance. We’re  making healthier choices, with organic or home grown foods over sugary cereals. Most of all, we focus on building a strong relationship with our children.

The moms who raised us did something right. We’ve grown into independent, stylish, and savvy women. We know when to worry and when to Google. When to speak up about a promotion or have a chat with the school principal. We’ve grown into a generation of homemakers, businesswomen, CEOs, and all around bad asses.

Let’s continue the legacy. While the image of mom is different, the unconditional love for our children will always remain the same.


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Nadine Smiley is a Writer, Author, Speaker, and Consultant. She is a Les Brown trained Speaker and is part of The Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team. She speaks on a variety of topics to include living your purpose, Entrepreneurship, balancing business and family, holistic wellness, etc.

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