“Mean Girl” Sends Mom Hate Mail For Posting About Baby

In a real life version of one of those teen movies, an Australian mom, Jade Ruthven received hate mail from a “mean girl” who despised the mom’s constant Facebook posts about her 6 month old daughter.  Of course as with any spineless move, the sender of this letter sent it “anonymously”.  Of course she could have just avoided this whole thing and just clicked the little button next to Jade’s statuses that says “Hide all from Jade: Stop seeing all posts from Jade”.  Or simply click “unfollow”. I guess that would be too much like right though.  Here is the letter that was sent to Jade:


After receiving this letter in her mailbox, Jade posted it in 2 Facebook moms groups.  The response that she received was overwhelmingly positive.  Jade said “The response after I posted the letter has blown my mind. My aim was to try shame these people into coming forward as I was so angry and hurt. I have been part of two FB mothers groups. The ladies in these groups are amazing and a great support network. They were all totally disgusted in the letter and went on a mission to share it around to show their support. To be honest this has totally backfired on the people who planned to knock me down as I have never felt so strong and loved!”

Perhaps the “mean girl” and her cronies need to rethink a move like that next time.  As women we should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

How would you have responded if you received a letter like this in your mailbox?



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