Keeping Your Kids Active During Winter Months

With the winter months upon us it’s more difficult to keep our kids active and moving throughout the season. This leaves them with the risk of obesity, as well as with a ton of bottled up energy that as parents will drive us absolutely nuts! One of my sons is a ball of energy and when he is stuck in the house, can become quite the tornado. Of course this leaves me searching for activities to do with the kids to keep them active.

A nice activity to do with the kids every winter is always ice skating.  Of course bundling up is in order, and perhaps a trip for hot chocolate immediately afterward.  Playing in the snow is another calorie burning exercise that can be a blast for the whole family.  A tradition that my kids and I have is once we finish playing in the snow, we come in the house, strip off the wet clothes, change into pajamas and enjoy some hot chocolate.  It’s a tradition that my mother did with us when we were kids and went outside to play in the snow.  I passed it on to my kids.

Window shopping or mall walking is another activity that can be fun for the family with the added benefit of being indoors and warm.  There’s a mall I would go to sometimes that had a cookie store in it. This cookie store served the most delicious chocolate chip cookies! And they were nice and warm and gooey! I’m telling you those cookies made my toes curl! It helped that we could walk the calories off by walking the rest of the mall too. Great idea to wear the kids out.

If your kids are stuck on video games, try getting a video game that keeps them active. There are dance games that can be a real workout for kids.  It’ll burn their excess energy along with the extra calories.  Pokemon Go is another game that has kids more than willing to walk miles just to catch rare and legendary Pokemon. Often they don’t even realize they’re exercising, it’s all just fun for them, which is what exercise should be anyway.

Indoor obstacle courses can really turn a boring, ho-hum day into a fun one while working the kids out. It doesn’t take much more than a decently sized room, pillows and chairs. My son is one of those kids that loves obstacle courses.  Of course you can always order stuff to really amp up the obstacle course, or you can just use what you have at home.  Whatever works best for your family and your wallet.

Scavenger hunts can be really fun too.  If your kids are competitive like mine, they’ll really be on the hunt not only to find the items in question, but to also outdo each other. We don’t really celebrate Easter, but I like to buy them little eggs that come out around Easter, fill them with chocolate or something else and hide them around the house. It’s so much fun to watch them search for those elusive prizes while wearing themselves out.  You know they’ll sleep good that night.

Come up with creative and fun ways to get the exercise in, not only for the children, but as a family. And as always, winter tends to make people decrease their water intake.  Make sure you and the children are staying hydrated.  It will help ward off the cold/flu germs as well.

Enjoy and stay warm!

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