How This Mom Used Social Media To Make Things Right

Social media has been buzzing lately in praise of this mother who, upon learning that her daughter and step-daughter were rude and disrespectful during a movie, used social networks to make things right with the other mother.  Kyesha smith Wood dropped her 3 kids off at a movie theater to see Cinderella.

Upon their return home, it was brought to her attention by her son that the daughters had been particularly rude and disrespectful to a mother who was watching the movie with her daughter.  The woman tried to correct the kids’ behavior during the movie, and they were rude and obnoxious.  The woman then told the kids after the movie that this was the last movie she would be able to see for awhile, as her husband had just lost is job.  They ruined the experience for her and her daughter.  The son relayed this to his mother about his sisters’ behavior when they got home, and the mother decided to take action.

Social Network Apology

The kids’ mother took to writing an apology message on a facebook page for their community.  She asked for the other mother to contact her.  She wanted to pay for the mother and her husband to go to the movies, and enjoy snacks at the expense of their daughters’ allowances.  She also expressed that she was disappointed and ashamed of her daughters’ behavior, and wanted them to apologize to the woman.

This message was shared many times over on social networks and eventually made it’s way to the intended recipient-Rebecca Boyd.  “…After I read it I was touched that she cared how her kids behaved,” Boyd said. “You don’t see that a lot these days.”

While Woods’ girls were embarrassed over the whole situation, they understood their parents’ intentions, and have learned from their mistakes.  The son was encouraged to continue doing what was right, even when it isn’t easy.


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