How Old Is Too Old For Your Son To Use The Ladies Bathroom?

The internet has been abuzz lately with this sign that was posted outside of a bathroom of a shopping mall for parents to see.  A mom snapped this picture and posted it to the internet, and parents everywhere have been in an uproar.  boys

I can speak for myself and say that my son is 6 years old, and unless I can be sure that the men’s bathroom is empty, he will be coming in the bathroom with me.  There is so much that can happen in just a few moments with the door closed, and the wrong person in there with your child, that will scar your child for life.  I, for one, am not taking that chance.

While there are some moms who say they would listen to see if their child screams, my response would be what if they are too scared?  What if someone covers their mouth? Or what if they witness something they shouldn’t?  I’m sure there are differing opinions, but I am that parent that will take my child in the restroom with me.  It’s not like he’s walking in to a women’s locker room, where he sees women changing.  No, it’s a bathroom where women are in different stalls with the doors shut.  The boy is seeing nothing.

So I ask you moms, what do you think of this sign? Would you send your child into the bathroom separately if you saw this sign?  Would you ignore this sign and bring them into the bathroom with you? Let us know!  We’d love to hear from you.

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