High School Senior Pulled Out Of Class For Not Wearing Bra

A senior in high school is up in arms after being asked to wear a bra to school.  Apparently, the imprints of her nipples were protruding through her clothes, and she was pulled out of class and asked to wear “something more appropriate”. Below is the post she shared on Facebook defending her position.  As we know, even the slightest of suggestions from boys who are classmates can wind up with them being arrested for sexual harassment nowadays. While our culture is definitely oversexualized, there has to be some kind of boundary set as well.  For a young woman to very overtly wear no bra, allowing her nipples to protrude, that could definitely be a distraction for other students and possibly even teachers.  I can understand the girl wanting to have the right to wear whatever she may want to, and bras don’t necessarily have to be a requirement to wear, but does this surpass boundaries?  If a male student decided to wear pants with no underwear, allowing his penis print to be seen by all, would we still have the same reaction?  Would we be just as offended?

Here is the post she shared on Facebook.  If this were your daughter, would you support and defend? Or would you agree that it’s too much? We’d love to hear!

“Today at SLHS, something took place in which I was very offended. I was sitting at my computer during class when a security guard walks into my classroom. She walks around the room and then slowly makes her way over to me. She then says to me, ” Can you come outside”. And of course, I do as she says and I go out into the hall to speak with her. She then says to me, ” Honey, you need to wear a shirt.” Clearly, as you can see in the picture, I was wearing a shirt. I look at her and say “Okay.” with a puzzled face. She then proceeds to tell me ” That’s inappropriate *gestures her hands over her own breasts* You’re going to have to put on another shirt.” Since I was at school, I, of course, did not just happen to have another shirt in my backpack, so that is what I tell her. She tells me that I can go to the office and put on one of their shirts. I then remember that I had a jacket in my car, so I asked her if that would be okay for me to wear. She then said something similar to, “Yes, that’s fine. Just know from now on, that’s not appropriate for school.”
In the SLHS “Dress Standards” section of the Handbook, it does not say anywhere that students must wear a bra. The superintendent of the school has now addressed that this was a mistake and I should not have been taken out of class for this. Girls do not have to wear bras to school. I am a senior in high school and should have the right to choose whether or not I please to wear a bra. #FreeTheNipple #FreeTheNip #SLHS #SLisAfraidOfBreasts”

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