Free Range Parenting-Bogus Or Beneficial?

There’s been a new parenting fad sweeping the country called “free-range parenting”.   The belief is that the parents can allow their child more independence than most average kids their age, and allow their children to show responsibility.  This parental method is also supposed to foster life skills in a child that in many cases can not be taught by the schools, or even within the home.  It allows the child to face situations on their own, and make decisions on how to handle it.

An example of that is a Maryland couple that has recently come under fire for allowing their 10 and 6 year old to walk from a local park back to their home, which was about 1 mile away. A passerby saw the children walking with no adult supervision and called the police. When Child Protective Services confronted the parents, they referred to a law which bars children from being closed in an area. The parents are refuting, and arguing that the children were never closed in anywhere. They also stated that it taught the children independence and responsibility.

What do you think Sexy Moms? Would you allow your children to walk home this young? Is this a good idea or a bad one? Sound off, we’d love to hear from you!

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