An Unprepared Mother

A few weeks ago, while playing outside of my parents’ house, my son fell and hit his face on the concrete pavement. While his face was pretty badly cut, my mother looked at his teeth and gums, and there appeared to be no damage. Fast forward a few weeks, and I noticed his two front teeth had loosened, and while not ready to come out yet, had started turning black. I made an appointment with the dentist, and he was seen two days later. While I had read about how they fix it, and had even prepared myself, I found out that I was completely unprepared.

I was unprepared to watch the dentist pull the teeth out of my little boy’s mouth. I was unprepared to hear how teeth being pulled out sounded. My knees got weak, and my legs felt like jelly, but I refused to let my little boy see that. When the procedure was over, and the padding in his mouth was held to stop the bleeding, I couldn’t help but think how unprepared I am for some of the things we go through for our babies.

About a year ago, my daughter was hurt, and ended up with a Level IV brain injury. It was a very serious injury, and has taken over a year to fully recover. The initial injury, and the healing process was one that I often thought I was unprepared for.

There are no books that can teach us how to help our babies best when they need us most. There are no books that can prepare us for when our babies get sick or badly injured. As mothers we often feel unprepared and unequipped more than we’d like to admit. Don’t worry mom, it’s not just you that feels that way. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

One thing I’ve learned as a mom is while we may respond differently, we may do different things in taking care of our babies, as long as we put their safety, our support, and our love as the most important thing, they’ll be fine. There is no cookie cutter way to be a good mom. There is no one way to successfully raise happy and healthy children. Mom, don’t be so hard on yourself if you feel unprepared. The truth is, all moms feel that same way…including me.

Just love your babies as best as you can and you, sexy mom, are already more prepared than you think.

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