An Open Letter To The Woman Who Dared Yell At My Kids

This is an open letter to the woman on the Washington DC to New York bus the other day, who thought it was okay to yell at another woman’s kids.

Dear woman;

I wanted to write this open letter to teach you something you may not know.  Do NOT yell at another woman’s children unless you want her to go completely crazy on you.  This is a warning.  I restrained myself because I wanted my children to see that mommy has self-control, not that mommy is a crazy lady.

During this almost 6 hour ride, my 2 children were very quiet and well-behaved.  My son sat next to me watching movies on my laptop and eating snacks, and my daughter at across from me talking to another little girl.  Meanwhile, you sat behind us and ran your mouth the WHOLE ENTIRE RIDE.  I cared not to hear the gossip in your conversation, nor the cursing.  I tuned you out.

You finally got quiet and fell asleep maybe 30 minutes from our destination.  I was glad to have some relief from the constant chatter.  So when we pulled into Manhattan, and my kids got excited about the buildings and Times Square, they did get loud.  However, I shushed them and they quieted right down. They were doing what tourists do.

If I were a mother who was not correcting her child’s behavior, I could’ve understood you being annoyed.  Yet, I had already corrected them, and they had gotten quiet already.  It was then that you decided to yell and say “Like, oh my gosh, you all are like the smallest people on this bus, like will you just bring it down some?”

As a mother, you left me with 2 choices.  Either allow you to yell at my kids like I wasn’t there to discipline them, or address you the way you should’ve addressed me.  I responded to you by snapping back, “I just quieted them down.  When you have a problem, you address me like a grown woman, you don’t address my kids.  Now…do you have a problem?”  That’s when you backpedaled and said “Oh, ummm, you’re doing a great job I know you can’t control everything your kids do.  You’re fine.”

I can only take that as one of a few different things.  1-You probably didn’t expect me to respond back so aggressively, if at all.  The only thing I can say to that is yes, I am that mother lion that will defend my cubs at ALL costs.  When they are wrong, they have consequences, but I will protect and defend my babies.

2-You were annoyed with the 2 little girls who were another woman’s children, but sitting close by mine, so you grouped them all together.  I noticed you backpedaled with me, but never said a thing to the other mother about her doing a good job.  If this was it, your anger and annoyance was misdirected.

3-You are apparently used to feeling entitled to say and do what you want.  In that case, I hope I taught you a lesson about watching that mouth of yours.  We see all the time on the news about women who interfere with another woman’s children, and it turns violent.  Am I threatening you? Not at all.  Am I teaching you a lesson? Absolutely!

Had I been one of those crazy moms, you may have been hit.  Or really cursed out.  Or something like that.  People are crazy nowadays.  I hope you read this, and I hope you learn that when faced with a situation like this, you learn how to speak to people.  Learn to address the mother, not the children.

PS-That other mother looked like she was ready to knock your head off had I not addressed you.  Be glad I said something to you, and it wasn’t her.  This could’ve turned out a lot worse for you.  Clearly you don’t have children, so I hope you take my words to heart.  I hope you don’t find yourself in the position where another woman thinks it’s ok to go off on your children.  Maybe then you will know what it feels like to want to go off, but still need to be a good example for your kids who are watching you.

Photo credit: Kat Cole / Foter / CC BY-NC

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