Ahmed Mohamed Refuses Texas School Invitation Back After False Arrest

A 14 year old engineering student who wanted to impress his teacher with a school project, built a digital clock. In his desire to show the teacher how intelligent he is, it went terribly wrong. The teacher accused him of building a bomb, and sent him to the Principal’s office with the project, where he was then arrested, taken to a juvenile detention center, and suspended from school. At the detention center, he was finally released to his parents.
There has been a public outrage over the teacher’s reaction to a simple project that he was sure would be a display of his intellect. Some of the outrage has been because Ahmed is Muslim, and it was felt that his religion played a role in the teacher’s panicked reaction. While the school maintained that the teacher did nothing wrong, and they supported her decision, the fact that remained to be explained is if she felt Ahmed’s project was a bomb, why was he and the project then sent to the Principal’s office, and the school not evacuated?
The family has claimed religious persecution, and pulled their other kids out of the school. The school has since recanted, and said they’d be glad to have Ahmed return to classes. The family decided to withdraw him and other siblings, and have decided to enroll him elsewhere.
Ahmed has received multiple offers of support from companies and people encouraging him. Among those offers were Google, Facebook, and the White House. His family has retained lawyers, and are fighting to get his project back from the Irving, Texas police department.



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