2 Young Moms Breastfeed Each Other’s Babies

These 2 young moms have decided that they want what they believe to be the best nutrition for their babies, and are working together to do just that. Stefani Tatavitto, 23, is the mom to her 2-year-old son, and Chrystal Klein, 23, is the mom to her 19-month-old daughter.
Chrystal works at a factory while Stefani watches her daughter and nurses her like she does her own. When Stefani needs to go out Chrystal watches her son and nurses him. These two women have been friends for the last 5 years and actually met on a social network. Facebook to be exact!
To many, this may seem like a strange arrangement, but history has repeated time and time again that other women would nurse babies when the mother couldn’t or wouldn’t. Buying donated breast milk is also a hot commodity as well. The health benefits received through breast milk have been widely documented. No shade to any formula mommies or babies. As long as your baby is fed and healthy, that’s what counts!
One word of advice if you’re considering an arrangement like this: Make sure the person nursing your child can be tested for any communicable diseases that can be passed through breast milk.
Funny enough, my brother asked me the other day if I’d let my sister who is nursing her 18-month-old nurse my 3-month-old if I had to. I told him absolutely! This set up is clearly not all that strange to me as you can see.
Would you let someone else nurse your baby? Would it depend on who? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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